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Nuts & Bolts of the operation

At the heart of Martelle Water Treatment’s operation  are our quality, NSF certified, products, and our unique, state of the art small bulk delivery system. All of the chemicals we offer are NSF certified as required by the AWWA, EPA, and Wisconsin DNR. These products are tested and tracked from the manufacturer to the customer’s door. Our facility is regularly audited by NSF for best practice of procedures & storage, while the chemicals are regularly sampled and tested for meeting or exceeding NSF standards. Our small bulk delivery system was set up to reduce and is some cases, eliminate the handling of chemicals by water operators. Our trucks are equipped with plenty of hose to access even the most remote locations while eliminating the need to move heavy drums and carboys that can cause accidents & injuries. We comply with all DOT regulations and requirements for transporting chemicals & hazardous materials.


    Products - Martelle Water Treatment offers a full array of Water Treatment Chemicals

            Drinking Water

           We can supply the full line of Carus Phosphates used in corrosion control & sequestering, Chlorine Gas, Liquid Bleach                                       (Sodium Hypochlorite Solution), Fluoride (Hydrofluorosilicic Acid), Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide), Sodium Permanganate, HMO                     (facilitation), Sodium Silicate, Ammonium Sulfate


           Alum (Aluminum Sulfate), Sodium Bi-sulfite, Gas Chlorine, Liquid Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite Solution), Sulfur Di-oxide

           Chemical Feed Equipment

           Martelle Water Treatment offers  chemical feed pumps, scales, transfer pumps as well as parts and repair services for all pumps &                     scales. We are distributers of the following brands: LMI (Milton Roy), Stenner, Pulsatron, Scaletron Scales

          Storage Solutions

          Martelle Water Treatment offers simple and safe chemical storage solutions for well house applications, I/E our SBS (Small Bulk                        Systems). With a variety of sizes and styles of tanks & transfer pumps, we can reduce the storage footprint of chemicals in an                          application. This also reduces     the handling of the chemicals, resulting in improved safety of water operators.


    Martelle Water Treatment always provides the necessary technical support required for the reliable operation of our customer’s Water or            Wastewater facility. It is our intent to offer laboratory testing to complement our unique technologies along with the chemical treatment            programs that meet or exceed industry standards for your given application. We make every effort to assist customers in meeting the                regulations that are established by government agencies such as the D.N.R and EPA . At Martelle Water Treatment, we pride ourselves in          attaining ‘great chemistry’ for our customers and their specific chemical applications.

 Our Facility

Located on the West side of Janesville, WI., our offices, tank farm, and shop are housed in a recently renovated Facility. It boasts over 20,000 sq feet of office & shop space as well as 35,000 plus gallons of chemical storage capability with potential future rail access. The Martelle Water Treatment facility is completely monitored with indoor and outdoor 24 hour surveillance and visual remote internet access to benefit your vulnerability assessment plans.  We use this facility’s location and storage capabilities in leveraging our buying power in the chemical market to keep our prices competitive. The property and our location also provide additional opportunity for additional expansion as the business continues to grow.


Our People

David Jensema. David graduated from UW Oshkosh in 1994 with a BS degree. While at UWO he developed his passion for the water industry. In 1994 he was hired as a sales and service representative for the Kjell Corporation where he helped water utilities with colored water problems and compliance with the U.S E.P.A. lead and copper rule. In 2000 an opportunity came to join SEH Engineering as a sales and marketing representative assisting with Water service, Bridge, Road and Fire Stations projects.  This was also a great experience and ended in 2012 due to a change in the market and economy allowing him the opportunity to rejoin his colleagues at Martelle Water Treatment.  David brings 19 years of experience in the water chemistry industry.

Jim Barker. Jim came to Kjell Corporation in June of 1994 from the trucking industry where he had experience both as a driver and as an operations supervisor. After the 1998 Carus acquisition of Kjell, Jim became the plant manager, overseeing all aspects of production, quality control, and shipping logistics. In 2002 Jim stepped back into the truck as the Carus delivery driver. Although a Carus employee, he provided all the delivery services for Martelle Water Treatment. In 2008 Jim transitioned to Martelle Water Treatment where he wears many hats as the manager of all operations. He brings 19 years of experience in the water chemistry industry.


The Basics

Martelle Water Treatment Inc. is a supplier of chemicals to the municipal water and wastewater industry. We specialize in phosphates for corrosion control and sequestration using the premier Aqua Mag products of Carus Corporation. We also provide general chemicals used for improved water quality and regulatory compliance. We develop long lasting relationships with our customers through our quality services and products and personal face to face approach. While we are locally owned and operated, we have the resources of Carus Corporation's analytical laboratory and experts in the field of water treatment.

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